Asian/Japanese cosmetics vs. US brands

5:30 PM

There's a curious discussion over at The Beauty Brains comparing Japanese beauty products to North American formulations: Do Japanese Cosmetics Have Higher Quality Than North American Ones?

Particularly interesting to me are the "findings" of a forum member who did a journal search and found more research and development studies on Japanese brands than US ones. (Her research methods are unverified though.)

I speak from very limited experience, but I do prefer Asian formulations. My go-to products -- In2It powder (from Japan), Étude House BB cream (from Korea), and Human Heart Nature blush (from the Philippines!) -- are more of "save" rather than "splurge" options. Yet they are more suited to my skin than more expensive US brands and have never broken me out. Which makes sense, because these products are supposedly made for Asian skin, and I am Asian. :p

The high-end Clinique on the other hand, has never failed to give me pimples. Powder, foundation, blush, they've all led to breakouts. Which is unfortunate because I've read many rave reviews on their products.

What are your thoughts or experiences about Asian vs. American cosmetics? I'd love to hear them!

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