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I know, most of my entries are basically linkspam. But even with my boards only hours away, I had to share this. I view it as hilarious, others may see it as colonial mentality to the extreme.

Lactacyd Whitening Daily Feminine Wash. WTF?

Go beyond clean with Lactacyd White Intimate. Dermatologically proven safe and with natural ingredients, marine-based Algowhite and plant-based Actipone-B to lighten your intimate area within four weeks.

(via Kelly)

My gosh, who would be so conscious of that intimate an area if they weren't making a living off of it? And I fear what active whitening ingredients will do our labia!

This reminds me of an article I read a while back on vaginal cosmetic surgery.

More women seek vaginal plastic surgery
Los Angeles gynecologist Dr. David Matlock, who says he performs more vaginal cosmetic surgery than anyone else in the country, claims women are having labiaplasties and other forms of vaginal cosmetic surgery because "longer, lose hanging inner lips is a sign of aging and women don't want to look old there, either."

"Women want to be tight," said Matlock. "They don't want sagging or loose labia. I can't tell you how many pages and pages of pornographic material woman have brought into me saying 'I want to look like this.'"

It is both enraging and saddening, that the importance of physical appearance has attained such heights (or in this case, lows) so as to drive women (and men, too) to alter their natural...intimate areas. A sign of aging?! How about a trophy for bringing children into the world and pleasure to their sexual partners! The last four paragraphs of the article are especially heartbreaking.

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