Leptospirosis prophylaxis in flooded Manila

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It is sad that my first post on Wordpress is concerning a natural calamity, but at least it may be helpful.

Leptospirosis is a potentially fatal illness!

Remember: The most effective preventive measure for leptospirosis is avoidance of high-risk exposure (i.e. wading in floods and contaminated water, contact with animal’s body fluid). If high risk exposure is unavoidable, appropriate personal protective measures include wearing boots, goggles, overalls, and rubber gloves. If you did happen to wade in flood water (and you are unable to see a doctor)...

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CAVEAT! The use of chemoprophylaxis REQUIRES PRIOR CONSULT WITH A PHYSICIAN. It should not be taken unless prescribed and fully explained by a physician, including common side-effects and contraindications. SINCE ANTIBIOTIC PROPHYLAXIS IS NOT 100% EFFECTIVE, INDIVIDUALS SHOULD CONTINUE TO MONITOR THEMSELVES FOR FEVER AND OTHER FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS and should continue to wear personal protective measures. For more details, you can check out the PSMID Clinical Practice Guidelines.

Situation Updates
MMDA lists flooded areas
Crowd-sourced photos of flooded areas

How you can help
List of evacuation centers, relief operations in Metro Manila
Quick ways to donate
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