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1:13 AM

This is my first customized layout in Blogger! After two weeks on the elegantly intuitive but frustratingly uncustomizable Wordpress, it was a relief to be able to play with templates (for free) again. I am fondly reminded of the days of happy experimentation with CSS on good ol' LiveJournal.

This layout is inspired by PuglyPixel's Strawberry Shortcake template, from which I also gathered some of the code for the sidebar widgets. Other credits are:

The body font may seem large for many of you; I chose 14px because I'm near-sighted. Tell me if it's odd or bothersome!

I also discovered my fondness rounded for rounded corners. Possibly because I'm round myself! Heehee.

I'm slowly migrating my more relevant posts from Wordpress. Please excuse the mess. :)

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