Feature Friday: Hey Kessy washi tapes and more

7:00 AM

I've been meaning to order washi tapes ever since I found Hey Kessy, but I only got around to scheduling a pick-up a few days ago.

According to their tumblr, Hey Kessy "aims to democratize arts and crafts by making washi tape more affordable and readily available in the Philippines." Run by Mansy, Hey Kessy supplies such crafty materials as washi tape, paper straws, bakers' twine, and stickers to the Philippines at very reasonable prices. Their products are sooo adorable; I want them all! The ordering process was very easy. After being approved (because they have to check if the items are in stock), we set a meet-up date and time and it was done!

I chose a random pile of 11 tapes, and I'm delighted by the selection. I can't wait to make birthday and congratulations and just-because cards! I got some stickers too; they were too cute to resist.

And of course, the first task after receiving gorgeous craft  materials: share the washi! These are going to a talented friend of mine who enjoys sending snail mail as much as I do.

Hey Kessy accepts bank deposits or cash-on-delivery for meet-ups and pick-ups (along Katipunan Avenue in QC). They also deliver anywhere to the Philippines using Xend or LBC. You can order online at www.heykessy.com.

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  1. Yay for new blogs!

    Thanks for the info on Hey Kessy. I hope they add more paper stuff to their list of products soon! There are lots of paper materials that aren't easily accessible in the Philippines, unless you're willing to go to Divisoria.

    1. What kinds are you looking for? It's cheap in Divi but a hassle to shop there... When I'm shopping online I don't mind the added shipping fees because it's so much more convenient than getting out of the house hehe.

    2. Well, I was looking for Japanese paper lanterns and laser-cut cupcake collars for the wedding before but I found another way na lang. Yeah, I'd rather buy online and pay for additional shipping just for the convenience.

    3. Ahh... I haven't seen those anywhere yet. Oooh I'm excited to see the ceremony and reception layout na.



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