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I love online shopping. It's easy, it's convenient, and I can multitask while doing it. There's only a few things I will not buy online -- clothing with sleeves, bottoms, and shoes. (I have to try these out before purchasing because there is just too much ambiguity in sizing.) I've been dealing online since around 2003 (when most of the selling was done in forums), and these are the things I've noticed in my years of shopping online.

What makes a great online store?

  1. An easy to navigate website. In sales, appearance is everything! I hate having to click on a lot of things before I see what I want. 
  2. Ordering process clearly stated, including shipping options and fees. I cannot emphasize this enough.  Many sellers miss this point! If I don't know how to order from you, I just leave your page.
  3. Contact information prominently displayed.  Always nice to know I can contact you if I have questions. Even just a direct message link or an email address, if you're uncomfortable giving out your mobile number.
  4. Update on availability of items (i.e., if an item is sold out).  I hate placing an order only to find out that it's OOS!
  5. Great customer service
  6. Great product!

Bonus points if you

  1. Never show your anger towards a customer. Yes, we can be fickle-minded and demanding sometimes, but don't post about how angry you are with a customer, even if it's a blind item. It says something about how you view clients -- negatively. I've never been the subject of such, but every time I see a seller's rant post I cringe. Remember that online shopping is new to many Filipinos so they're still getting the hang of navigating through a transaction. First-time shoppers will invariably suspect a scam and so will ask many questions to try to verify your trustworthiness. Be patient and answer and questions calmly and professionally. You'll have a repeat customer in no time. Tip: it also helps if you have feedback from past customers!

  2. Keep customers updated across different social networking services (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram -- I love seeing photos of the products you're selling!). Also, don't be afraid to repost unsold items. New customers may not have seen them before, and old customers may suddenly realize they have to have that item.
And now, the features. These are the most recent online stores that have gotten repeat purchases from me.

Digital Traincase

This Multiply store carries a variety of makeup and beauty products, beauty tools, and even gadgets. It certainly lives up to its name, haha. It is also the only store that fulfills all of the above criteria. Reasonably quick response, ships on the dot -- or even earlier! It's no wonder that Ms. Sol sends out about 50 orders per shipping day. When she orders stuff online for herself, she even takes the time to ask if anyone else wants to get something from that website. She keeps her Twitter and Facebook accounts updated regarding sales and new items. Digital Traincase is also a staple at many of the bazaars in Metro Manila. So far I've only ordered Nyx stuff, but I'm eyeing her Sleek palettes and Charm brushes as well.

All orders are made via Multiply. Digital Traincase accepts payments through PayPal, credit card, bank deposit, GCash, and Smart. They offer free shipping for orders PhP 400 and up as part of Multiply's Trusted Sellers program. They deliver by courier, do meet-ups/pickups, and deliver internationally to Spain. Each delivery is packaged neatly in foam and marked FRAGILE, so don't worry about your items being ruined in transit.

They also have physical stores in Eton Cyberpod E-Life (Building 1) along EDSA, in The Cabana Lounge Shop in Legazpi Village, and in Powerplant Mall.

An entry about these soon. :)

Nudo Swimwear

Nudo has got some of the cutest, most afforable swimsuits I've seen locally. I love their bikini bandeaus! They also have a lot of high-waist styles for the pinup girl/post-CS mom in you. They announce new designs and special sales on their Instagram (username: nudoswimwear), so be sure to follow them there.

Orders are made via Multiply or through text. Nudo accepts PayPal and credit card payments via their Multiply store. I always go through Multiply because it's fully automated. They also accept GCash and bank deposits, for which you will have to text them.

I love their next-day delivery, even if they don't inform you if your order has been shipped (at least if you order through Multiply). By the way, their weak point is that the ordering process is confusing for first time customers. Their website domain isn't updated and their Multiply and Facebook sites aren't linked on their Instagram, making it very difficult to find out how to order their beautiful swimsuits. Plus, they don't always answer inquiries on their social networking accounts. One text though, and you get a response within minutes. So if you're confused, don't hesistate to send an SMS.

Pustura * Manila

This simple Facebook page sells some really adorable dresses and girly apparel. All the items are free size, and supposedly fit small to medium frames. (I try not to get anything that should look tailored to fit.) Cath releases new stuff once or twice a week, so follow her on Facebook. You'll always have something pretty to look at. Packages arrive 2-3 days after payment, wrapped in brown kraft paper with a charming handwritten note.

Pustura * Manila accepts GCash and bank deposit. GCash payments have an additional PhP 10 transaction charge, which I don't really approve of because paying through GCash already has a PhP 10 fee, so technically I'm paying at least an extra PhP 20 for each order. But if I really like the item, what the hell. :p

Love love love the print on this bustier.

And of course, I can't forget my previous Feature Fridays: Hey Kessy and The Print Miss. They haven't gotten repeat orders from me yet, but they are sure to get some in the future!

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  1. Awesome post man!

    I love the convenience of being able to shop online, but I usually avoid buying clothes since my body has weird proportions so I really want to fit them before I buy.

    Same goes for shoes. I am picky with shoes because some styles only look nice in photos but when I wear them they look weird on my feet haha.

    1. Thanks man. :) That's true, there are so many clothes I want to buy online but I have to remind myself that it is always better to fit them before buying. Case in point, I broke down and bought a bustier dress off Instagram, and the cups didn't fit my bosom! I'll have to take out the pads and see if that does the trick. And I've never bought shoes online, for the same reasons as you. :D

      I'm excited for tonight! I'm working up an appetite haha!

  2. I also by mostly from online shops because I'm busy and while I am good about paying promptly for my items, I get irked when online shop owners post about bad customers or what they call "bogus bidders/ joy bidders" on Facebook or Twitter. I mean, I understand that they are pissed but really, that's so rude to people who have nothing to do with that. The moment that an online seller on FB does that, I remove her from my news feed-- I don't need more negativity; I go on FB to socialize and relax.

    And I'm also a fellow suki of Digital Traincase :) Great post

    1. Yes! It's basically "nagpaparinig" and reeks of unprofessionalism. The most I can tolerate is the phrase "Serious buyers only."

      Heehee, love Ms. Sol and Digital Traincase. Thanks! :)



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