Scrapbook Saturday

12:30 AM

I made a scrapbook last week. Volume I of hopefully a lifetime of volumes. Here are a few pages.

On the left: those leaf overlays in action. :)
On the right: Incubus REPRESENT

The simplest watercolor technique I can pull off. :p

Washi tapes make great borders. :)

Aren't we classy.

Saddest moving day of my life. Also, more washi.

Watercolor and washi.

Those leaves again. :)

My first scrapbook ever, wrapped up all nice and pretty.

Do you guys scrapbook?

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  1. :) ang ganda! love the instax pictures as well.

    1. Thanks Monette! :) Sa bandang dulo naubusan na ako ng ideas hehe

  2. for your scrapbooking/craft supplies do check out :



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