Tried It Tuesday: Jericho Dead Sea Nail Kit Review

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If you've ever strolled by one of the Jericho Cosmetics kiosks in SM Malls, you know how persistent their sales consultants are. They will literally chase you down the mall, especially the foreign salespersons. I myself was passing behind a pillar about 2 meters away from their stall when one of their staff accosted me on the other side. This was my first experience with Jericho and I did not know what I was getting into. She literally grabbed my hand and started buffing it! You have to admire their gall.

After a 20-minute sales talk/demo -- including a "hand spa" (actually a hand scrub) and discounts the salesperson offered my using her employee's store credit -- I walked away with a Nail Kit and a tub of Salt Scrub (which I will be giving to someone else, so it won't be reviewed here). This is actually perfect for me because I don't have time to go to the salon to get my nails done every 2 weeks, and I was looking for something that would help with the upkeep in between. 

(photo from my Instagram)

The Nail Kit comes in a nice box with instructions. It would be perfect as a gift.

Nail Buffer

The four-sided Nail Buffer is large enough to handle comfortably. I have to say, Step 3 "Super Magic" (heehee) white pad really is Super. It's been three weeks since I buffed my nails and they are still shiny! The sales staff claimed that the luster lasts for 3 months.

Cuticle Oil

The Cuticle Oil is pleasantly non-greasy. It's only 10 ml though, so I use it alternately with Human Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oil for my cuticles.

The oil itself is nothing special, but the roller ball dispenser and slightly runny consistency make it very easy to apply. My cuticles immediately looked better after application, but I think you can get that with any oil-based product.

Hand and Body Lotion

The Hand and Body Lotion comes in a generous 150 ml and is paraben-free.

It comes out light blue but applies clear. There is a very mild powder scent that reminds me of babies. It's moisturizing without being sticky and your skin does feel baby-soft afterwards.

Before and after: See how shiny! No more ridge-filling nail bases needed.

The Wrap

The buffer is the a standout piece. If there's one thing you get from the kit, make it the buffer. The lotion was a nice surprise too.

You can find Jericho Dead Sea Cosmetics kiosks in SM North The Block, SM Mall of Asia, Eastwood Mall, Alabang Town Center, Marquee Mall, and SM Pampanga. I don't think they have fixed prices for their products; instead they run "daily promotions." If it seems like you're interested I think they're open to bargaining. ;)

Tell me if you've tried any of their other products! I'm interested in their masks.

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