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12:33 AM

I just came back from Cebu, where I accompanied my parents on a business trip. If you follow me on Instagram these might look familiar. ;)

Above is the view from our balcony in Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa.
You may remember this from my last trip to Cebu.

Lunch at Abaca, another (smaller) resort that is perfect for couples.
A most beautiful dessert platter at Abaca.

Pecan pie ala mode, fruit tart with sorbet, lemon cheesecake, creme brulee, brownies, and chocolate mousse with chocolate ice cream. Yes, I tasted everything.

Allegre Guitars

Another fit-to-burst meal at dinner.

Native desserts: puto, kutsinta, turon, and cassava cake. I can't not eat them all!

Ah, yes. Sitting fat and happy in my bathrobe a day of eating.

Breakfast with a view.

My mom made a fruit bowl.

Really cute and cheap (about 50 US cents) accessories!
When we weren't eating, we were shopping.

Back home.

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  1. I *do* remember. Hard to believe that was already five years ago.

    Our community pool closed for the season earlier this week. So seeing pictures of a paradise like holiday destination (and lots of desserts) is *not* what I need to see right now. ;P

    Looks like the holiday was a real ordeal. ;)

    1. Oh yes, the -ber months have started! Aww, I actually didn't get the experience the beach either, since no one else had brought a swimsuit. I just enjoyed the view, like you. :p

      Heehee, we didn't bring all that luggage by the way. Just the red ones for the three of us.



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