Watercolor Crafternoon at Pi(pi)no

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This is one item off my post-boards to do list!

I don't remember how I came across Alessandra Lanot's blog Life After Breakfast, but since I did I've been a fan of her watercolor and general craftiness. So when I heard she was holding another Watercolor Crafternoon, I immediately signed up! I didn't know anyone there but kebs; this is one of my last chances to join any workshop I please so carpe diem.

Theoretically, Watercolor Crafternoons are about people getting together to paint and engage in friendly discussion. In reality though, it's become sort of a workshop for watercolor beginners and enthusiasts. Alessa holds a brief lecture about brushes and types of paint, spends about two hours teaching us how to hold the brush and paint washes, and then spends the remaining 45 minutes on the formulated "activities."

Some new things I learned were:

  • Tint is a color plus white
  • Shade is a color plus black
  • Tone is a color plus gray

Color theory is particularly interesting to me because it applies to web design. :p

  • Also, when in doubt, ADD WATER. Heehee.

We were given a choice between watercolor in tubes and in blocks. I thought I had blocks already so I chose tubes; turns out what I have at home are tubes too! I'll drop by National Bookstore for some blocks tomorrow. They seem easier and more portable to use.

We were given a round brush size 0. I've never used a brush this fine. It's quite nice! Alessa works with brushes that have even finer tips.

There were about 25 people, from various professions. A lot of moms, both working and homemakers. Some bloggers and web designers; kids too. We fit comfortably in the restaurant Pino (the non-vegetarian version of Pipino), There was no room for one-on-one discussion or pointers, but it was fun. It wasn't a formal workshop after all.

My failed attempts at the techniques we worked on. I now know that I have zero talent in watercolor. But! I will apply washes and stamping the next time I make cards. :D (Shhh... that's really the only reason I joined the crafternoon. To learn something new that I could use to make cards!)

This is stuff that's supposed to be in my bag. Ummm...can you tell what they are...

The last activity was to paint the alphabet. I was really sleepy by this time, because I'd only gotten four hours of shuteye and the venue was really really cold, so... it shows in my alphabet. Hrrrr.

Midway through the session, we were served snacks. Not only was it my first time at a watercolor-dedicated event; it was also my first time at Pino! The food was delicious. Filipino/fusion, with fries and kikiam and mini tacos. Before leaving, I bought a piece of Tablea Cheesecake, one of their bestsellers. I'm saving it for when JJ visits tomorrow (yay!) because he loves tablea.

Watercolor Crafternoons started just last August, and are being held twice a month at Pino, a restaurant in Teachers Village West. The next one is on September 29. You can try signing up here (slots fill up fast). The fee is only Php 500 including materials and snacks! Alessa also organizes Bracelet Crafternoons, Calligraphy Crafternoons, and, most recently, Rubbercut Crafternoons. Check out Life After Breakfast for more information, and marvel at her art and handmade goods!

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  1. So you have a ... saltshaker in your bag? ;)

    1. Gunther! That's supposed to be my travel bottle of baby powder. Huhuhu... I was too lazy to paint the Johnson & Johnson's logo.



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