Treats from Japan

12:27 AM

My parents just came back from a trip to Japan, with several goodies for us. Above is a large durable freebie bag I'll be using as carry-on during my trip to Bangkok. *iamexcite*

These were actually a last-minute buy. I wanted to know the price difference between K-Palette here and K-Palette in its original Japan. Turns out it's pretty small -- only Php 100. (Good job Beauty Bar!) Although we don't have the K-Palette mascara available here (yet?). In the back is a lightweight red polka dot umbrella that my mom was very impressed with ...until my sister pointed out it was made in China. DERP.

All that I initially asked for was this: masking tape (mt) a.k.a. washi tape! Can't get enough of these. My favorite is probably the thick roll on the top right with the butterflies.

Instax mini film!! I think my mom sort of hoarded these because she didn't give me all the packs she bought. They're cheaper in Japan than if you buy from the local Multiply shops. I promise I will only use ONE (okay, maybe TWO) packs in Bangkok! *stillexcite*

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