Bangkok Eats Part 1: Or Tor Kor Market

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The first of a series of posts on my Bangkok trip. My friend's mother very generously took us to Or Tor Kor (ตลาด อ.ต.ก.), a large fruit and agricultural market. It's a roofed open-air area, but it wasn't at all hot, there were no flies to be seen, and there were no pungent smells! Amazing!!

A view from the middle of the market

Rambutan in cute bundles

I love fruits! Bangkok is one of the best places to get them. Everything is huge! Fruits on steroids! We bought all of these wheee I love love LOVE Bangkok lansones!!

Excitingly large red macopas

Enormous pale mangoes

Humongous custard apples and atis

There were also spices, cooked meats, soups and curries, and appetizing-looking seafood

More packaged goods

Dried goods, colored eggs, and gelatinous treats

Fresh fresh produce

If you love good food you have to visit Or Tor Kor Market. There's a great variety of foods to try, from fruits to vegetables to cooked dishes and fresh juices. It's spacious, it's organized, and it's clean. You may be able to find cheaper prices in smaller or more crowded markets, but the sanitation in those places is more iffy.

We bought quite a few fruits both to eat while in the country and to bring home to the rest of the family. Of course, my mom had to taste all of them before buying. (So you know if they're ripe/sweet.) Soooo good. If you're in Bangkok you HAVE to get lansones. If it wasn't so expensive in the Philippines we'd buy them here all the time. :p

Or Tor Kor Market (ตลาด อ.ต.ก.)
06:00 - 20:00 daily
Kamphaengphet Road, opposite Chatuchak Weekend Market
MRT: Kamphaeng Phet

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