Bangkok Eats Part 2: Mr. Jones' Orphanage

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Another wonderful Bangkok recommendation by my friend Kristine!

Mr. Jones' Orphanage is a "milk bar," otherwise known as a dessert cafe. They serve cakes, pies, brownies, milkshakes, ice cream, blondies, and savory brunch items. Everything is packaged in a whimsical orphanage theme, with low ceilings, scattered toys, and even a library on the second floor.

Very attractive from the outside.

Hopscotch greets you on your way inside.

We got one of their specialties, the Chocky Mud Pie (135 THB), a chocolate lava cake served with vanilla ice cream, strawberries, a pink flower, and a toy -- a white horse in our case. (We didn't bring home the toy.) The "lava" tastes more like chocolate pudding than the usual fare, but it's lovely with the ice cream. We also got a banana passion fruit cake because it was pretty. :p But their cakes are notoriously dry.

A wooden carousel, paper cranes, and wallpaper clippings lend a vintage feel. The cafe's specialties are written on chalkboards around the carousel. Best not to go by prettiness of the pastry, and instead choose from these offerings.

Kids would go crazy in here.

Cutesy kitchenware custom-made to resemble tin plates and cups of the 1900s. There is a small display of merchandise that make for kitschy souvenirs. You can also "adopt" a teddy-bear, which comes with a passport and a personality. Half of the earnings from the bid will be donated to Camilian Home, a foundation for children with disabilities.

But I don't wanna go to bed...

On the second floor are interesting nooks and crannies, and couches that are perfect for lounging in. It's like a playground for adults, so cute. My sister and I were regressing, playing with the toys and touching EVERYTHING. It was around 10pm, so there weren't a lot of people and we were able to just have fun with it.

Of course, we had to look at the library. Children's and YA books in Thai!

While there is much to be desired in the food at Mr. Jones' Orphanage, the ambiance makes it worth the trip. It looks like a comfortable hangout, and it's great fun to take photos in the different areas.

Mr. Jones' Orphanage
10:00-00:00 daily
Ground floor, Seen Space
Soi Thong Lor Soi 13 off Sukhumvit Soi 55 Road., Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana
Bangkok, 10110 Thailand

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