Bangkok in Instagram

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 A sneak peek at my Bangkok trip, as documented in Instagram

 Fooling around while waiting to board (my eyes felt too tired and dry for contacts)

Our first meal in Bangkok: prawn pad thai room service (Delicious!)

Went out for dinner, came back to nighttime sweets :)

Day 2: Good morning carbs! (At the hotel buffet)

Day 3: Fusion breakfast. Dumplings, samosa, smoked salmon, coconut pandan muffin. And a chocolate banana smoothie. Which country am I in again?

#fromwhereistand (the back of an elephant)

 Tigers poking their heads out of the water

 Day 4: Dimsum and gyoza breakfast (try not to drool)


Baby elephant foliage on a main road

What my sister was talking about when she said, "Your hair is extra big" lol. (It was really humid there!)

Day 5: Back to carbs

B2S haul! Favorite!!

Hoarded these babies (not sold in the Philippines)

And the documentation continues at home: more elephants from Bangkok!

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