Bangkok Shopping Part 1: Platinum Fashion Mall (with shopping and food tips!)

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Bangkok is one of the shopping capitals in Asia, and it's not hard to see why. Malls are situated close to each other and are very accessible by sky train (BTS). They're jam-packed with apparel and accessories being sold at retail and wholesale prices.

At my friend's recommendation, we skipped MBK and headed straight for Platinum Fashion Mall. It specializes in wholesale fashion clothing and accessories, housing three zones in two buildings, with more than a thousand shops. It's the cleaner, cooler (temperature-wise), more organized counterpart of our local 168.

Zones 1 and 2: six floors of shopping, THREE of which are dedicated to women's clothes. It's HEAVEN for shopaholics.

We spent an entire day + two half-days in this place. My mother went crazy. We bought a lot of apparel (both men's and women's) and pasalubong for family and friends. I don't have a lot of pictures because I was too busy trying to take everything in.

I bought nearly a quarter of my weight in accessories, both to keep and to give as gifts. I'd stop at one stall and before I knew it, I'd be holding a tray overflowing with necklaces, bracelets, lockets, rings, etc. I had to choose which accessories I really really liked and would be sure to wear. After paying, I'd move to the next stall and the same thing would happen again!

A lot of the items look like clothing and accessories locally sold via social media (Facebook/Instagram/Multiply) and even in stores like Yhansy. I think Bangkok is a big source of these products.

I didn't get any, but they also sell cosmetics, makeup brushes, and nail care items. As in any tiangge, watch out for fakes.

TIP: Always ask for the wholesale price. You can haggle this down even further if you buy in larger quantities. And you don't even have to buy the same item in wholesale; you can mix and match different styles from the same stall.

A few cute shirts my sister and I couldn't resist. My favorites are the animal ones.

TIP: Most vendors will not allow you to try on their wares, and the few that do don't have a dressing room. Girls, best wear a maxi dress or beach coverup so you can easily put on and take off clothes. Boys: shorts?

Don't change within view of the cameras either!

It's kind of funny because it's probably true.

Platinum also has vendors in and around the buildings. On our first day, we tried our luck at their food court. It's pretty big, with a variety of Asian and continental cuisines.

TIP: Look around and decide what you want to eatbefore purchasing a transaction card (you specify how many credits you want them to load into the card). This way you don't waste money.

IMPORTANT TIP!! Watch the people preparing the food. Thais have a habit of handling food with unwashed bare hands. Tastes good, but if you have a sensitive stomach you're done for.

Language barrier! The server spoke only Thai and got our order wrong. We were too tired to correct him but it was okay, because the cheap crepes tasted delicious!

TIP: To get around the language barrier, point to the dish you want. This way they understand exactly what you mean.

I think the Thai are very religious? You can find these types of statues and setups inside AND outside all buildings in the city.

On our last day at Platinum, we left my mom to finish her shopping while we ate at the McThai McDonald's outside. (See that large-ish stroller bag beside me? During our last day in Platinum, we had to buy two of those because of all the shopping we did!) Look how Thai Ronald greets you! Filipino Ronald just waves hi. My sister wanted to try the McDonald's Thai offerings. She got a Samurai Pork Burger (it was ok); I got a spinach pie (it tasted like samosa).

Shop till you drop!

Platinum Fashion Mall
Wed, Sat, Sun: 08:00 - 20:00
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 09:00 - 20:00
222 (Pratunum) Petchaburi Road Ratchathevee, Bangkok, Thailand
BTS: Between Siam and Chitlom Stations

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