Bangkok Shopping Part 2: Chatuchak Weekend Market (with more shopping tips)

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The Chatuchak (Jatujak, จตุจักร) Weekend Market is touted as one of the must-see shopping places in Bangkok. Frequently referred to as "JJ," it is reportedly the largest market in Thailand, with over 5,000 stalls in a 0.14 square km area. It offers anything and everything, from household items and clothing to Thai handicrafts, religious artifacts, collectibles, and even live animals. It reminds me of Baguio's Minesview Park. Only waaay hotter.

TIP: Chatuchak is HUGE. It has 27 sections, innumerable corridors, and it's very easy to get lost. If you find something you really really like, buy it already, because it's unlikely you'll find your way back to that stall. (Unless it's in one of the prime locations along the wide road.)

We arrived late, around noon, so the place was buzzing and the sun was merciless. See how I'm squinting in all these photos? Yes yes , you're probably thinking, we went to Thailand to drink coconut juice? But it was sooo hot we couldn't resist. And amazingly, their fresh buko is sweeter than what I usually find locally. I wanted to try one of the Thai iced tea stalls but my mother didn't want to risk getting diarrhea. We also found a stall with crocheted baby hats and bought Zara a pair. :)

TIP: People will say that you can find the cheapest stuff in Chatuchak. But don't be fooled! We saw a lot of items being sold for cheaper at Platinum. Vendors WILL take advantage of tourists (easy to spot, because they don't speak the language). So be prepared to bargain until you're blue in the face (or until you think the price is fair.)

And then I found this stall that sells reasonably-priced bags! I fell in love. Then my sister and my mom found me, and they fell for it too. Check out my mom on the floor, already surrounded by bags, and still asking to check out more! I found several bags in this stall alone that looked like bags from Suy Bags, like their striped satchel and Nichelle bags. I took home a mustard doctor's bag (now my everyday bag!) and a small brown hard case satchel.

I also got two pairs of sunnies for 50 THB each, and some 3D puzzles to give as gifts. Surprisingly, we didn't buy a lot of stuff here. I guess we couldn't take the heat. :p

Chatuchak (Jatujak, จตุจักร) Weekend Market
Saturdays and Sundays 06:00 am - 18:00
BTS Sukhumvit Line: Mo Chit Station
MRT Blue Line: Kamphaengphet Station
MRT: Chatuchak Park Station

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