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When I still had the luxury of checking Instagram 8 million times a day, I didn't see the point of having Instagram roundup posts on a blog. Now that I'm following more than a hundred people and can only check about once every other day, I appreciate seeing the photos I missed on the app. What are your thoughts on having Instagram posts on blogs?

Made Oreo truffles ^_^  #dessert #alldayeveryday

Can't study, can't sleep -- make a grilled 3-cheese sandwich. (May gatas pa, o ha, hindi tinigilan ang dairy!) 

There's a bunny in my soup! Homemade kawaii ramen.

Birthday greetings for my dad arrived while he was in the US on a business trip. Of course, us kids stepped up to the challenge of consuming these delectable goodies.

This picture is boring but it is important because this is seriously THE BEST banana bread I have ever tasted. Moist, fluffy, not too sweet, with no artificial banana flavor taste. Best of the locals: Best banana bread + best combination (Magnolia vanilla ice cream) merits an instagram!

My last workshop for the year... Calligraphy Crafternoon with Alessandra Lanot of at the ever-delicious Pino. I really suck! >_< But I'll get better!

Congratulations to my brother and his wife for completing the Shell Ferrari Lego set, with minifigs!! So much fun putting them together.

The Face Shop's FaceIt Circle Face Brush: a dream to use, a bitch to clean. Trying a new drying technique here. Spoiler alert: it worked better than my previous method. (Laying it on a countertop with the edge hanging off.) What are your brush cleaning/drying techniques?

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