Handmade Giftwrap for a DIY Wedding: JS+Frances

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My good friend Frances got married two months ago, and not only did she plan the wedding herself, but she also designed, printed, and enveloped all the wedding printables! Such an achievement because she's a full-time working woman with a desk job. You can see her process at their website: JS + Frances. Check out some of her work below.

Save the Date

Wedding logo on each envelope, with a swatch of material for bridesmaids' dresses.

Jex and Frances are gamers, hence the theme. ^_^

3.5-inch floppy!

Points to JS + Frances


Invitation detail

I...actually RSVP'd. Online. Even though I had already been fitted for my bridesmaid dress. Ahahaha.

In all its glory.

Frances even designed these stickers for the wedding tokens! I am in love with those earrings by the way. Love teardrop shapes.

Wedding Gift

In keeping with the DIY mode of their wedding, I made JS and Frances's giftwrap from a handcarved stamp. "Love" because that's what they call each other. (Cue: AWWWWWWW.)

The box was large so I had to use two sheets of paper. I soon discovered how tedious and tiring it was to stamp such a large piece of paper! It was so much fun though.

In the envelope I included a few labels I ordered from the every-classy Print Miss. These were originally designed to be Christmas gift tags, but I had them customized to be usable for any occasion. Aren't they adorable? There are so many more designs on the website.

Congratulations man! (Where is JS in this haha.)

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