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Above: A failed microwave brownie-in-a-mug. I'm trying out other recipes, hopefully they'll turn out yummier.

I LOVE stumbling upon new blogs! When I first started making websites 14 years ago, and up until 5 years ago, majority of the people I was interacting with online were from other countries. Which was great, because I made a lot of friends and penpals. But this year I've been discovering Filipino blogs, and I find them pretty amazing! Also I can ask them stuff like "where did you get that pretty paper" and "are you going to this-and-this event." Here are some of the new people I've found.

  1. Pretty Ugly
    Lizzie is an extremely cute, friendly, amusingly snarky person. Her personal blog covers everything from recipes to fashion and photography, and of course, cats. I love the way she does her photo layouts. She also offers blog bling freebies.

  2. Scatterbraintures
    Rae runs a smart and informative beauty and fitness (health in general, really) blog. I'm currently digging her de-stashing project.

  3. Sartorially Challenged
    Nina was assigned to me for the Hey Kessy October Mail Swap (more on that next time). She's a 14-year old with a great eye for fashion and design. Indeed, she makes and sells her own jewelry and other crafts!

  4. Hello Cheechako
    Joycee is part of the Monsterella Plush Art group. I am loving her Nifty Links and  Lo-res posts!

Have you discovered any new blogs lately?

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