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Above: a years-old photo taken at my uncle's grave with a Holga CFN on Agfa 160 film. Gradient added using Photoshop.

Self-portraiture, a gorgeous coat, and lots of DIY inside. Let's start with:

Photography and the Arts

How Dave McKean put together those Sandman trade paperback collage covers. I always assumed he did it but cutting and pasting photographs. Turns out, he actually made 3-dimensional collages/dioramas, photographed them, then sent the transparencies to DC comics. Unreal! MUST SEE!

Amazing children's books illustrations at The Children’s Theater of the Absurd.

Brilliantly vibrant colors and styling on the Doors and Windows of Nepal by Mansy.

Practical advice on taking self-portraits -- something most bloggers will find useful!

Folksy music + morbid lyrics + cutesy animation = great PSA! Dumb Ways to Die by Tangerine Kitty and Metro Trains.


Some really cute free printable Christmas gift tags at Wedgienet.

On my recent trip I saved a bunch of BTS maps and tourist tickets to (hopefully, someday, maybe) make a Bangkok mini book.

A cute and simple way to dress up your iPhone with Printable iPhone Charger Wraps and Home Button Stickers.



These "trailers" (actually reviews with spoilers) are hilarious! I literally lol'd at The Hunger Games and The Avengers.

I've never read a fitness story that hits so close to home. (Diets never work for me either!) Emma didn't follow any diets, she didn't follow any workout plan. She listened to her body, took things at her own pace, and practiced moderation. Very practical advice on this post!

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