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Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao (8 pcs.) - Php 188

Had merienda with some of the family at the newly-opened Lugang Cafe at SM The Block. My sister and I ordered for everyone, and we chose dishes the way we always do: look at the pictures on the menu and get the ones that look delicious. This turned out to be difficult because the Lugang menus are well-designed and everything looks yummy! We ended up ordering more than we could finish. If you're a restaurant owner you better have a good-looking menu, I tell you.

Of course we got Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao (pictured above). It was all right, a bit lacking in soup and in flavor. Shi Lin's is better. Lugang does have more variety in their XLB though.

Aloe Jelly Honey Lemon Juice - Php 140

Check out the lemon cooler chillin with this really cute square satchel I got at Chatuchak. It's like a mini attaché case, and it holds a surprisingly large amount of stuff, not unlike my scrub pockets during ER duty. Anyway, I ordered the juice because I wanted something citrusy. It was too sweet though, I had to add a lot of water. Lugang's teas are better.

Spring Onion Pancakes - Php 160 (house special)

This was sooo good! Crispy on the outside, moist and oniony cheesy on the inside. Thumbs up.

Pan Fried Siopao

Another surprisingly good dish. When my sister ordered it I was like, Eh? We have siopao all the time. But I could eat three of these in one sitting, srsly. The bread is soft and warm, with a crunchy base (from the pan frying). Inside is moist, savory pork. You don't even need any sauce.

Crispy Chicken (1/2) - Php 490

Very crispy indeed! The meat was tender and succulent. I couldn't believe we finished everything; we rarely do that. And the skin stayed crispy until the very end!

I just realized we ordered a lot of fried stuff. Oh nooo my arteries. We were so stuffed, we didn't even order dessert! Lugang is famous for its desserts, so I'll have to try them next time. Where do you guys get your favorite Xiao Long Bao?

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