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When I still had the time, I used to send holiday postcards to anyone who wanted one. That kind of died out around the second year of med school. This year some Filipino bloggers have been hosting mail swaps, and my hands were itching to get crafty so I joined a few.

The first one was for the Hey Kessy October Mail Swap. The theme was circles. It had been about a month since I sent the package but there was no word from my mail swap partner Nina, who lives outside the city. I emailed her and it turned out she didn't even know it had arrived -- her mom had to pick the parcel  up at the post office!

Nina lost my address and wasn't able to send me an envelope, so technically it wasn't a swap but it's okay! I had so much fun collecting stuff in Bangkok to send in the swap.

The card is made from a map of the BTS (Skytrain).

Some Instax photos of our trip.

Notebook, necklace, and stickers in coin envelopes. All of them circular, of course.

Getting crafty!

The next ones were for April's Handmade Postcard Mailswap.

These stamps might look familiar...I made them on the same night!

There was no theme so I just made one that felt like autumn even if we don't have autumn in the Philippines...

and one that was just funky!

This is Richelle of Weekends in the City. I'd been following her blog and Instagram for some time but it didn't register that she was my partner until I received the postcard! Check out her mad paper cutting skillz.

Even the back of the card is lovely to look at.

This last one was for the Hey Kessy Merry Mail Swap. I think you know the theme. ;)

Sadly a dear family member was admitted to the hospital and I spent a week keeping watch (he's actually still confined, but I've been made to stay home to study for my January exams), so this was made in a rush. I hope my partner finds them useful -- some stamps for the holidays, and a few postcards for future mail swaps. All handmade, of course!

How do you guys like to get crafty?

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