Snapseed launches on Android, now free on iOS 4 and Ice Cream Sandwich

2:02 AM

I just heard about this and it's such great news, I had to write about it immediately. I've reviewed Snapseed before on my old blog. Basically it's a simple yet powerful mobile photo editing app. (There's a desktop version as well, but I have Photoshop for that.) I got Snapseed back when it was an App Store App of the Week and free for a limited time. (Otherwise, $5 for an app no thanks.) Now it's come to Android and is free for all!

Snapseed totally changes your ~iPhoneography~ experience. Global adjustments, sharpening, even color correction and fully customizable filters, it can handle them all. It's kind of impossible to make a bad picture with this app. Here are some before-and-after gifs. (Bear in mind that since these are gifs, there is some loss of quality.)

You can even make amazing product photos using only your cameraphone (and my every-handy lightbox)! *twirls*

via engadget: Snapseed launches on Android with Google+ integration, now completely free

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