Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2013

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This isn't a fashion blog by any means but I find the need to share anything and everything pretty. The dress above brought forth a softly awed "wow" from my lips, prompting a search for the entire collection. For Alexander McQueen's Pre-Fall 2013 collection, Sarah Burton tapped into “the low church, puritans, nuns, and popes.” Heavy draping and intricate embroidery call on the motifs of church and clerical vestments, while pronounced pilgrim buckles on boots add to the story. Even the model's stance conveys a subdued austerity.

After the jump are my favorite pieces. They are less literal translations of the strong religious overtones in this collection, for the stark colors and heavy embroidery are also reminiscent of fairy tale princesses and foreboding queens. I can't stop looking at the exquisite drama in the pieces, the play of light and dark in the feminine silhouettes. I highly suggest you click the photos to view them in high resolution.

The black pieces are strongly suggestive of the nun's black habit but the lace trimming makes them quite wearable, while the red pieces are classic, classic silhouettes. The red damask is deliciously severe.

White and black damask may resemble vintage upholstery, but the cut, with the billowing sleeves, is more forgiving. The detail on the white dress is subtly elegant, and with the frilled cape is looks positively ethereal. This is easily the most wearable piece in the collection.

The short pieces echo the garb of the cloistered youth. (Maria von Trapp, anyone?) And the last piece is a bit Mother of God, isn't it? Gorgeous.

You can view the entire collection at Vogue.

♥ credit: animus resources for the border patterns

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