Garnier BB Eye Roll-On Review and Meeting KikayTrekkie

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I've long been conscious of my dark circles and eyebags, and they've only gotten worse over the holiday. The humorously-named Garnier Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-on (the term "roll-on" brings to mind a deodorant) is an undereye concealer that gives medium coverage in a light and easily blendable formula. The salmon color cancels out purple eyebags, brightening up the eyes and face nicely. The finish is dewy but not oily, very natural.

This is primarily a cosmetic product, not a skincare product, but it's nice to know there are some skin-friendly components to it.

This supposedly comes in two shades, Light and Natural. I've only seen the shade Natural locally, and it should suit most Filipina skin tones. The gimmicky rollerball applicator actually works well for this product. One swipe dispenses just the right amount. Forgive the stray brow hairs. I need a brow threading, stat. Store it upright so the cream doesn't pool on the ball.

Literally out of bed, hair uncombed, no makeup save for a little eyebrow powder and lip balm, cystic pimple in plain view. The brightening effect of the BB roll-on is subtle but evident. It even fills in the pores to some degree.

The Three-Way

This has been a staple in my touchup kit for nearly a year, perfect for quick and easy concealing. You can actually use it in 3 ways:
  1. as an undereye concealer by itself
  2. as a tinted eye cream under a more pigmented concealer
  3. on top of a brightening concealer, to tone down reverse raccoon eyes

The Wrap


  • Good pigmentation
  • Lightweight
  • Natural finish
  • I experienced no skin irritation
  • Affordable and widely available


  • Not the most hygienic packaging. For personal use only.
  • Coverage may be too light for those with really dark circles.


  • None

Garnier Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-On is available at all major drugstores, supermarkets, and department stores at Php 230 for 15 ml.

Meeting Marge

As it happens, Marge (KikayTrekkie) was holding a series of holiday Rafflecopter giveaways a few months ago. I was chosen for the Garnier set!

Marge is just as chatty and funny in her blog as she is in person. Seeing the K-idol fangirl in her brought on my own memories on fandom, and it was nice to hear about her stint in med school. Also, her skin is flawless omg.

A successful meetup with all three winners. Check out Marge rockin that Team Manila tee.

This will be my second tube of BB Eye Roll-on, for which I am glad. I'm also happy there are so many skincare products! I'm particularly interested in the masks. Thank you Marge and Garnier Philippines!

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