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I've got the second leg of the USMLE in three weeks and I'm still not ready. So I'll be taking a hiatus from blogging and other things not exam-related until then. I have a bit of blog backlog (and no less than 5 drafts in my queue), so get ready for spam starting Feb. 16! Under the cut are previews, as seen on my Instagram. I will still be active there, because it's so easy. :p

(1) Lots of skincare reviews! Face, hair, and body! Some products can make bath time so much more enjoyable and exciting. That sounds silly but now that I've spiced up my shower I feel a lot more refreshed afterwards.

(2) A primer on cleansing oils -- I can't get enough!

(3) Sampling for free at Sample Room.

(4) Brushes and brush guards. My siblings are so sweet.

I also have snail mail and Bangkok travelogues in queue! Gotta ace this test and get it over with!

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