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This was meant to be a weekly post but things fall by the wayside...this edition is pretty lengthy and random.

Best of 2012: DIY / crafts
top: rubbercut steampunk stamps, snail mail swap, personalizing with washi
middle: scrapbooking instagram, rubbercut Christmas stamps, DIY lightbox
bottom: little kitty love note, rubbercut tag stamp, Hey Kessy orders

Best of 2012: Homemade foodporn
top: #toasterovenadventures -- grilled tomato pesto mozzarella sourdough sandwiches (BEST), mozzarella sticks, banana bread loaf
middle: dark chocolate peanut butter cups, peanut butter banana milkshake, smores
bottom: moist chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip substitutes, chocolate chip brownie

2012 in review
top: the saddest moving day, internship graduation, oath-taking
middle: ACLS training, Bangkok sights, adventures in moonlighting
bottom: my bb's new residency uniform, the last vigil, first Christmas without Grampa

First cactus I've seen that had to be watered daily!

My newest satchel, a Christmas gift from my godparents. I kind of love that it matches my pastel Aztec sheets. Teehee.

And another (tiny) bag! A thoughtful holiday surprise sent by snail mail, from my friend Marco. So nice of him because I know he's busy being a new Rehab Med resident.

These are why I'm perpetually online.

Eat like its not gonna be beach season soon! (Bar Dolic's very dark chocolate gelato -- omg SO SCRUMPTIOUS on white bread -- dirty ice cream style!)

Best deal from Saladbox IMO: Sophia Eyelash Enhancer in the December box. Gave it to my mom, who was lamenting her thinning lashes. She seems quite excited to try it. I'm pretty interested in the results myself. ☺

Oh my I think I went crazy skincare shopping this weekend...

And my new specs -- they came with a GWP (gift with purchase). I'm all set to be an endorser. :p

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