Links Loved: Beauty Edition

1:34 AM

I have a backlog of linkspam, so I decided to parcel them out in categories.

Interesting article on the effects of hard water on skin. Hard water is what we have here in the Philippines -- laden with minerals and sediments. I wonder if the water in Korea is soft, and if that's the reason why Koreans have such flawless skin in the media but break out like crazy when they get here (like the Koreans I see in my neighborhood and college).

The art of shaving with a straight razor. First time I saw a man lather up properly for a shave was in the movie Skyfall. That seems appropriate.

Too-Skinny Models Have Officially Been Banned in Israel -- and they're basing it on something measurable (BMI). A step in the right direction.

Worth watching: Celebrity Makeup Mistakes -- just the first minute alone is gold. "HD Powder. Silica. NO NO NO NO NO for any photos!"

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