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Check out these 20 (quick) DIY Ideas. Highlights are the chevron Holga, the lace scarf, and the one-evening scrapbook. (Could've used that when I was making my first scrapbook.) The belly band is also pretty genius.

I'm not edgy enough to pull this off, but here's a cute and simple side-knotted tank top made from an old T-shirt.

A comprehensive eraser stamp-making tutorial by the talented Reggie Silva. I learned so much.

And another one with really cute foxes!

Baking & Art

Hobbit cupcakes with movie-accurate Dwarf beards. I haven't seen the movie yet...

A stunning spread of Jennifer Lawrence for W Magazine by Tim Walker.

Beautiful Watercolor Illustrations of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. (via) I like illustrated children's books, can you tell? ;) I read the book when I was in med school already, so late. It's very lyrical. There are significant differences from Kipling's original and the Disney animation, which someone has nitpicked here, complete with gorgeous variously-sourced illustrations. Spoiler alert: Bagheera is much more kickass in the original. And Baloo's Laws of the Jungle! ♥ If you are so inclined, you can read Kipling's The Jungle Book here, or download mobile formats here. It's quite short and is a pleasure to read.

Tech News

In an effort to keep up with Samsung (who rolls out new and affordable smartphones every quarter), Apple could launch 'iPhone Mini' next year.

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