Made It Monday: Christmas Treats and Holiday Crafts

12:12 AM

This year I handstamped giftwrap with eraser stamps. It was a good stress-relieving distraction.

Found the perfect washi tape for the gift wrap. The red and tan blend in great with the paper.

I used an empty SaladBox for my mom's gift. (I love Espada's pieces but they're quite expensive.)

This year's theme: red and black on kraft.

We spent Christmas remembering Grampa.

I also received some surprise parcels.

The first is from Patricia of Parade Paper, for the Hey Kessy Merry Mail Swap. Incidentally, Patricia is a med student. I received the package on the night of my grandfather's funeral. 

As I told Patricia, I teared up when I read the papercut piece, for it was so apt to the situation. Trying to be a source of strength and hope to my family, especially my grandmother.
She hand-painted a canvas tote so lovely, I haven't used it yet for fear of soiling it. It bears a wonderful sentiment.

The second is from my irl friend Monette. She too enjoys shooting analog and sending snail mail. As in my own life, those hobbies took a backseat to medical training. It was touching to receive this because I know she is so very busy, being a Pediatrics resident in the country's largest tertiary hospital. And I don't know how she knew, but she sent the very thing I've been looking for for months.

Alphabet stamps!

And in a serif font.  :)

Naturally, I set them to work straight away. (I was packing small pasalubongs from Bangkok.)

The last one I only received today, from my close friend Frances. She recently returned from sexytimes her second honeymoon in Perth and brought chocolates (yay) and washi (double yay)!

I've been planning to get glittery washi for the a long time. It's amazing that Frances picked the perfect designs.

Amidst the challenges we faced this holiday, I feel extra blessed to have the solidarity of friends and colleagues who, aside from having the uncanny ability to read my mind, also find in crafting the same peace and quiet joy I do.

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