Tried It Tuesday: Beauty Bar Cosmetic Brush Cleaner

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The importance of cleaning your makeup brushes cannot be over-emphasized. Not cleaning them is like not washing makeup off your face, ever. I deep clean my brushes every one or two weeks using Julia's method here, substituting baby shampoo if I'm cleaning natural hair brushes. In between, I make do with just wiping the bristles on a piece of tissue. Bad, I know, I'm practically breeding bacteria. I needed something for spot cleaning so I stopped by Beauty Bar for a bottle of Parian Spirit, but it was out of stock. Instead I found that Beauty Bar has come up with their own brush cleaner. I think this is a fairly new addition to the chain.

Not pictured: Ingredients: SD-40 alcohol, fragrance, de-ionized water

You can use it like you do Parian Spirit (spritz and wipe), or like J&C Super Clean Solutions (pour and dip). I've only done the spritz method because I still prefer deep cleaning with detergent or baby shampoo.

I've been using this on natural and on synthetic brushes for a month. Like all spot cleaners, it won't take ALL the pigment out of your brushes. But it's a good enough disinfectant, thanks to the main ingredient SD-40 alcohol, a.k.a. isopropyl alcohol. (Which, incidentally, some DIY-ers have used by itself for spot-cleaning, including Mr. Winky himself makeup artist Wayne Goss.) I also notice that bristles end up softer when I use this. There is a pleasant powdery scent that lingers. Brushes dry within minutes. And most importantly, it doesn't affect the texture or shape of the brush hairs.

The Beauty Bar Cosmetic Brush Cleaner retails for Php 595 / about 350 ml. I got this at the High Street branch.

Beauty Bar is also having a blowout sale until February 15, up to 65% off on selected items, in all stores and online. The online inventory doesn't seem to be updated though so I recommend going to the physical stores themselves.
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