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The size of the iPad mini is ideal for me to tote around both in the house and outside, so it's getting a lot more use than my old iPad 1. I set it up as a new device, instead of from a backup, and as I browsed through the App Store to download my staples, I found some new and noteworthy apps.


An application that loads media that are marketed as comics, but are more like interactive animations. For example, on this slide you not only see the rain pouring down the screen, you actually hear the raindrops as well.

And on this one, an actual recording of the Führer speaking plays in the background.

Right now they have a small selection of books, but include big names such as Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith (the duo behind 30 Days of Night) and Dave Gibbons (co-creator of the award-winning intellectually stimulating Watchmen).


This is a little niche. :p Most of the specialties are paid apps, but I downloaded the OB-Gyn and ORL (ENT) apps, which are free AND would be most useful to the general practitioner. You can use the app as a visual aid to explain to patients how an exam is going to be done, or even to elaborate on their condition.

For example, you could tell a pregnant woman experiencing painful vaginal bleeding from abruptio placenta that her part of her placenta has prematurely separated from the uterine wall and is now bleeding into that space, or you could just flash this graphic and tell her she's going to need a Cesarean section.


My love for this app is no secret. I'm thinking of doing a tutorial on making professional-looking product photos with only a smartphone and this app, would anyone be interested?

I'm loving the Retrolux feature in the latest version.


This is like a Swedish Flipboard. It curates articles, videos, and photos and presents them in a magazine format under the categories Design, Technology, Entertainment, and Inspiration.

This video off Vimeo features decadent living by a burlesque dancer/prostitute in the style of Amelie.

My favorite section is Inspiration, which is basically a long scroll of eyecandy.

It also comes with a radio station that is great for discovering new artists.

What are your favorite apps?

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