Shu Uemura Portable Brush Set Review

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This lovely travel brush set was a Christmas gift from my siblings. It has four essential brushes for makeup application: face, cheeks, eyes, and lips. The quality is beautiful and it's a just joy to use these.

Beautiful tools, beautiful finish.
Material and shape of each premium brush of shu uemura are carefully chosen according to their application purposes and their bristles remain uncut at the tip for the finest touch. Their superior functionality and artistic form are exquisitely crafted by our seasoned artisans.

The Case

The tools are housed in a faux leather zipper case. It has separate pockets for the 3 smaller brushes, while the face brush is in an oversized pocket that's big enough to hold a couple more brushes, or tubes of concealer or lipstick. It's small, sleek, and wouldn't look out of place in a professional makeup artist's arsenal.

The Brushes

I actually prefer my face brushes bigger, to be able to sweep and buff in powder. But this is great for patting on loose powder to give a matte but natural finish. I wouldn't use this for cream or liquid foundation, just because I prefer using a denser synthetic brush for products of that consistency.

At first glance, this looks mighty small to be a cheek brush. But the size, and the bristles (fluffy but not floppy), make it great for precise application of blush. It is seriously soft, velvety as a kitten's paw. I could brush it on my face all day long.

This is my favorite of the set! It picks up and deposits pigments so well. It made me realize the huge difference between natural and synthetic hair when applying powder products. Thanks to this I finally managed a proper smokey eye. :p

I have small features, and this is too fluffy and soft to be used for lining my eyes or my lips. I actually use it as an eye shadow brush for (my tiny) crease, or sometimes to blend, for which it performs beautifully.

Being a travel set, the brush handles are short and may prove unwieldy for those with large hands. Personally I like short handles because they don't hit the mirror when I'm doing my makeup (I'm near sighted) -- I own exactly two full-sized brushes because I prefer travel-sized handles so much! The length of these is perfect.

I've washed the brushes twice and spot-clean after every use. Haven't experienced any shedding so far.

The Wrap


High quality, super soft bristles, with no shedding
Sleek and lightweight case
Has the essentials for makeup application


Short handles



My current kikay kit! Eyeliner (K-Palette) and brow brushes (by Charm) fit snugly with the face brush. Brush guards are from Beauty Bar.

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