Happy 5th, Project Vanity! The Anniversary Event

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Last Saturday Project Vanity made one of my 2013 goals possible: to meet other local bloggers. (Is it weird that I'm still not used to that word? After all, what would you call someone who has a blog, but a blogger. Yet it comes with so many ~connotations.)

For the Five Years of Vanity Anniversary Event, Liz arranged a meet and greet at Beauty Bar Boni High. Ever the gracious host, she went around introducing strangers to each other, so no one was left alone.

New Acquaintances

The first person I recognized was Alex (The Reluctant Stylista), whom I've only spoken with through comments and twitter. I don't know how it's possible but she is petite and statuesque at the same time! It was so nice to meet her and her sister Bea. Sadly I don't have a photo but that's okay, I will take this to mean that we will see each other again in the future.

Look at us and our backlit selves. (And that's Bea in the background!)

Next to me in registration was the ridiculously pretty Mariana (The Beauty Bee), who looks like she should be in showbiz but is actually a law student. Like me, she was by her lonesome (because someone overslept, haha) and was enthusiastic to be there.

Such a cutie!

Then there was Khristine (Musings of an OC Mom), who has the clearest, smoothest (I think she may have been poreless!) skin I have ever seen. She wasn't wearing a face base, just eyeliner, so you could really appreciate it.  Khristine didn't mention she was a crafter with a blog too, so I'm so happy she dropped by this blog and left her link. She was with her husband and her 3-year old son, who is absolutely adorable (and looks big for his age).

Discovering New Blogs -- Offline!

Liz also introduced us to Khring, Iya (Iya Boto), and Kim (Kimpossibly Gorgeous). I'd seen Iya's and Kim's blogs before, while searching for reviews. It was great to see them in person.

Mariana, Khring, Kim, Khristine, and Iya. We were given loot bags from Beauty Bar.

Mariana, Khring, and the windswept effect.

Kim and Iya.

Anniversaries, Liz-Style

To kick off the program, Karrots Nazareno of Live Love LOLZ gave a short introduction of Project Vanity and the indomitable Liz Lanuzo. Tita K is actually funnier live than on her channel. And look at that necklace of vertebrae!

Liz did quick makeup demonstration of a quick but high-impact everyday look on the lovely Den using products all available at Beauty Bar. Lesson learned: don't swipe; just pat, pat, pat!

Paparazzi action all up in this joint.

I had a quick chat with Den while waiting for my ride. Check out this closeup of Liz's fantastic work. And I do mean closeup, judging by the size of our faces.

Nelly See of Pinkbox and Cheryl Tan Chua of Beauty Box Corp. were also there to share how the story of their startups, both of which began by accident. (Hold the jokes about Chinese being able to make a business out of anything.)

Nelly See, CEO of Pinkbox/boss-mentor to Liz shared the inspiring story of how the company was born. This woman is radiantly beautiful in person, it was kind of amazing. She holds herself elegantly and always has a small smile on her face.

Cheryl Tan Chua of Beauty Box Corp. was called upon to share the impromptu anecdote of how she brought the excellent K-Palette and Fairydrops into the country, all thanks to a lost umbrella.

I had to leave for the hospital before the festivities ended, but it was great fun. Was anyone else at the event? Do comment below so I can meet you online at least! :)

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