Links Loved: Art Edition

12:59 AM

Mostly local artists in this edition!

Catholic Girls: A Dei In The Life (part 2)
I stumbled upon this comic months ago but recently reread it. The first panel alone brings back so much nostalgia. Not of elementary school actually, but of medical school! I almost wasn't allowed to get my diploma from the Registrar because I was wearing shorts (and they weren't even short shorts)! Oh my gosh golly gee. It was a good thing J was there and convinced the guard to let us in. And omg, the gala uniforms and PE in jogging pants - MEMS!

I'm really digging the raindrop tray by Atelier Parisien.

An amazingly cute but also really cool dinosaur-themed birthday party held at Jupiter Pipino.

This beautiful thing is making me want to bake cupcakes.

I would love to get my hands on this craft book on washi tape.

Fozzy's top fonts for 2012 -- a mix of calligraphy, serif, and urban types. Get downloading!

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