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If you read me even sporadically you will know how much I enjoy finding new blogs. It's one of the drives for my Links Loved posts. I was happy to see Liz's 5 local beauty bloggers who I wish won't quit -- being a seasoned beauty blogger, Liz's picks were guaranteed fresh reads. Not to toot my own horn, but I was super flattered and frankly honored to have her seal of approval. *blushes* More importantly, I have new blogs to enjoy! The post was so timely, published a few days before the Project Vanity Event, so I was looking forward to meeting the other girls she listed. And I did -- the very kind Mariana.

Drea has these really cool DIY Galaxy Chucks that you can do with any canvas shoe!

Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere has a BBC radio show? \o/ Starring Benedict Cumberbatch too.

A list of posts on crafters' favorite tools that I have to keep in mind when I raid craft stores in the US next month.

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