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Memories of Physiology lab


A very interesting look on beauty blogging in Taiwan and what happens when blogging becomes commercialized, written by an insider (brand manager/beauty enthusiast). I've often wondered how much control brands can have on blog content. In Taiwan, it's quite a lot. Particularly interesting is the bit about bloggers signing up for samples in exchange for very specific directions on reviews. (It seems a bit like paid advertising.)

The Complex, Often Idealistic Reasons Feminists Become Housewives. I was having a talk with one of my professor-mentors the other day and he laid out all these possible paths for a young female doctor. Residency, fellowship, sub-sub-specialty training, pioneering -- and remaining a general practitioner, or cutting back on work and studies, to start a family. He believed that serving the country doesn't automatically mean taking care of all the patients you can handle; that it can mean raising a family in the right way, with the right values, with kids that will continue to serve the country in their own way. I wholeheartedly agree with that. I believe being feminist means standing up for your rights as a woman. Including the right to stay at home and raise a family.

I won't get to do this, but for you young professionals out there: why you should travel young.

The demise of Google Reader (huhuhu) has Google users pondering the problem Google has created for itself -- namely, can you trust Google to keep any of its services?

Art & Beauty

Stunning photos of Martha Stewart as a young model

Something to keep in mind when traveling to the US and Europe: the best budget makeup.

And something to keep in mind when taking exams and going on interviews in the US: how the brain detects an aging face. (Need to look older to be taken seriously.)

A great Gaiman quote transformed into watercolor.

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