Welcoming Summer with Teal Pleats

12:00 AM

Blouse, skirt, necklace: Platinum Mall (Bangkok). Bracelet: Mexico. Shoes: CLN.

Oh god, these pictures are a reminder of how badly I need to get back in shape, but here they are anyway. This is what I wore to the Project Vanity Event. Summer is upon us in the hottest, most humid way so I went for something airy.

I love how flowy this skirt is. It's just a little hard to pair a blouse with it because anything not form-fitting makes me look like a sack of pudgy white rice.

I was itching to wear heels but my broken toe can't take them yet. (This is also the reason for the gross unpedicured nails.)

A silver bangle my mom brought home from Mexico.

Love how this necklace can class up any outfit.

Diet starts rn ok?

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