Eastward: Maryland in Bloom

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The overdue mobile travelogues continue... above you can see what I think are either pear trees or crabapple trees. So pretty, all white! But they emit a weird smell, which has earned them the nickname "cum trees" or "jizz trees." HRRRR. The first time I stepped out onto a road lined by these trees I was like, is someone cooking alimasag (crab fat)? Then later, why does it smell like old bleach? HMMMM.

At LAX: this Laker ball/bear hybrid is so cute! It reminds me of J because he's a fan. So sad that the Lakers are out of the playoffs now. :(

We took Virgin America to Maryland. It has cheap seats! Because their flights are very early, and they charge you for amenities like headphones ($3) and movies ($8). I didn't mind because I rarely use those things anyway!

On board Virgin America: the party plane. Mia said the seats looked like little Eve's (from Wall-E) haha.

Unlike Philippine Airlines, even Virgin's economy seats have individual TVs. AND they're touch screen!

You can also play games using the remote, which has game controls on the back.

In Maryland, we stayed at my Uncle's home. Jizz trees line their street. Spring had just started so the trees were beginning to boom. They're so pretty! Pretty smelly!

Here's a better-smelling but less pretty bloom at Brookside Gardens.

We spent a LOT of time camh0ring there. Expect an extensive photo essay on it. ;)

Blue skies at the gardens.

My first time to do laundry! Don't laugh u guise. This training for living alone and having to use 24-hour laundromats.

The Red Mango here has such varied flavors. This is red velvet, with dark chocolate underneath, topped with (very sour) strawberries and mochi. Because I can put mochi on anything, and like it. There was also vanilla bean, jalapeño chocolate, pistachio, etc. They didn't have have green tea (my fave!) or pomegranate though, the only flavors we have in the Philippines. Their toppings were different too, mostly sweets. The Philippine branches have more fruit toppings. (Which I prefer.)

A friend drove us from Maryland to Washington, DC. On the way we stopped at Baltimore. I love the brick architecture. Some of the bricks are mere facades though, covering up the more durable concrete foundation underneath.

Here's a pretty construction site.

We had crab cakes at Shuckers for lunch. So nice of restaurants to educate their customers and free themselves from liability.

For dessert I had some very light and delicious gelato from Pitango. I chose almond and black tea. The black tea was very good. I love milk tea, so I don't know why I'm surprised to find that I am very much liking tea flavored ice cream.

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