Getting Cozy in DC

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Union Station, Washington, DC

Mobile travelogues: more backed up than ever. All iPhone/iPad pics, as usual. Our visit to DC was all about history. We toured a few museums (mostly for the fantastic 3D IMAX films, teehee) and historic sites, following no itinerary except our stomachs. :p Strangely enough, spring was more evident in this state than in California. It was shorts-weather the entire time I was here.

Pass and Stow: names I'd never know if it weren't for the masterpiece that is National Treasure ;)

Springtime at the Tidal Basin

We missed the cherry blossoms in DC :( but the were still some might pretty dogwoods!

Pink blossoms all around thanks to the dogwoods.

Dandelions: the ugly swans :p

A Dash of History

At the Roosevelt Memorial, one of the newest ones, and one we hadn't seen yet.

Words of wisdom from FDR.

We seem to have forgotten many of the things he stood for.

We went to a couple of museums. Here I am after going on the simulator at the Air and Space Museum. We were supposed to be dogfighting with other planes. I was the gunner, my sister was the pilot. She had us upside down (literally) for almost the entire simulation, hence the beadhead and dazed look.

The Eucharist at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Never have I seen the Bread of Life so gloriously kept.

One of the many chapels at the Basilica, which is actually a museum in its own right. Scheduled tours are available; I wish we had taken one but our trip there was unplanned.


DC was also the only state (so far) in which I have gone crafts shopping! Rolls and rolls of paper at (you guessed it) Paper Source.

A real life WALL of STAMPS hearts hearts hearts

My modest purchases. I also got some postcards that I hope to send out soon.


We were also taken to Georgetown Cupcakes and Crumbs, bringing our cupcake total to three. These are some cupcake cakes at Crumbs. Kind of ironic to make a mini version of something in the size of its original, isn't it? ;) I'd eat it in a heartbeat.

And of course, we dined at a family favorite: Peking Gourmet Inn. :)

Faaavorite! The acai is delicious.

Oh here goodbye, my sister and I must fight over a giant gummy bear.

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