Pretty in Pink: No7 Marble Blusher in Ballerina

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Boots No7 Marble Blusher in Ballerina: I picked up this up on a whim at a Boots pharmacy in Bangkok. I didn't know anything about it; I didn't even know the UK brand No7 did cosmetics :p I thought they were exclusively a skin care brand. But the blush was so gorgeously pigmented when I swatched it that I couldn't resist. A look at the price and into my basket it went. I can't find any reviews or even product listings online, which is a mystery to me because this a solid-performing blush in a very pretty shade of pink.

This baked blush has two halves. On the left is a slightly shimmery, bright pink blush, while on the right is an almost frosty peachy-yellow highlighter with swirls of rosy pinks and browns. The highlighter actually tones down the pigment of the blush, so that you end up with a more natural-looking flush. The formula is silky, finely milled, and doesn't apply patchily at all.

Ingredients are the usual suspects. Talc is first on the list, so those allergic to it will want to skip this. Parabens are also in there, for the paranoid. I don't mind because for all its supposedly worrisome ingredients, this blush doesn't give me pimples or irritations AT ALL unlike the hypoallergenic Clinique blushes.

You can use each half separately as blush and highlighter respectively, or combined for glowing pink cheeks. What I like to do after swirling my brush over both halves is to swirl it a few extra times in the pink half before application. This way I get more of a rosy than a glittery tint.

Based on this iPhone photo, Liz remarked how similar it looked to MAC Skinfinish in Petticoat.

It's very pretty and youthful. This lasts about 8 hours in an airconditioned room before any fading. Outdoors in the sun, I give it 3-4 hours before some sliiight fading is visible.

The Wrap


Smooth formula
Gives a youthful glowing flush (perfect for summer!)


Might be too shimmery for some

No 7 is a cosmetic line available in Boots and Target branches. I got this Marble Blusher for THB 450 (~Php 622).

Full frontal with the blush. Akala niyo ang ganda ganda ko no? Here's what I do after the blog shots are done: put on my glasses, tie my hair back, and --


My scrubs are on inside-out, by the way. /derpina

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