Snoe Hair Heroes: they aren't kidding with that name

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Hair Heroes is probably Snoe's most popular line. From sulfate-free shampoos and cleansing conditioners to Argan oil-enriched UV protectants, Snoe seems to have your crowning glory covered.

I've tried two of their cleansing conditioners. Before these conditioners I was convinced that only a rebonding or regular Brazilian blowouts could tame my full and frizzy mane.

Hair Heroes Extreme

Then I met Hair Heroes EXTREME. (I have Liz to thank for that.) This variant is meant to de-frizz hair by restoring damaged strands and protecting split ends. I'm skeptical as to the efficacy of acai berry being a potent enough antioxidant to actually do your hair (which is composed of dead cells) any good. But the emu and sunflower oils will definitely add shine and luster. After shampooing, I massage this into my hair (not my scalp, because I have an oily scalp) and leave it on while I soap the rest of my body. It's the last thing I rinse off before stepping out of the shower.

This stuff definitely tames my hair and makes it really soft; I don't even have to comb after showering. And have I mentioned the smell? This smells like SUMMER, with a strong coconut/vanilla scent, that lingers even after rinsing.

This cleansing conditioner can also be used as a leave-in conditioner (although it seems a little rich for that), deep condition treatment, and straightening balm. The thick texture is great for my bushy hair, but it starts feeling heavy after a week of consecutive use. I prefer to use it every other day.

Hair Heroes Super Fresh

Hair Heroes SUPER FRESH is meant to be a dandruff buster. I can't say how effective it is on that front, because I don't let conditioner touch my scalp, but I can say that yes it leaves me feeling SUPER FRESH! The peppermint leaves you feeling cool-headed, both literally and figuratively. Sidenote: The first time I was using this I was like, why does it smell like the Anatomy dissection lab? Then I remembered, the formalin used in my med school is peppermint-scented! Haha there goes this conditioner's potential for aromatherapy. This has the same effects on my hair as EXTREME, but since it's of lighter consistency (you can really see and feel the difference between the two) I can use it every day and my hair still retains its volume.

Like EXTREME, this can be used as a leave-in conditioner and treatment mask. I don't know what they mean by "Stimulant Cream," but this does feel deliciously cool and tingly on the head. Additionally, it can be used as a lotion for tired feet! Haven't tried that yet though.


I like the design of the bottle, with the option to leave the pump open or closed. The pump is so small, however, that it takes about 8-10 pumps before I get the amount of product I want. Well, at least you get some exercise while you shower.


I realized the true value of these Hair Heroes when I forgot mine in one the states I was visiting. Let me tell you, I spoke in a melancholy voice for about an hour when I discovered my mistake. Haha it sounds super super shallow, but after a lifetime of believing your hair was hopelessly frizzy and messy (I was known as the girl with bedhead for many years), finding a product that tames it unfailingly is a great thing.

Check it: one of my most perfect DIY hair days ever.

Compare me with Hair Heroes, hair shiny and smooth but with volume even in a candid shot (i.e., no fixing or smoothening down of stray strands).

Versus me, about a month without Hair Heroes, with a lot less luster, a lot more frizz, and messier beachy-like waves.

I can't believe some people actually want this kind of almost-wavy-but-then-got-lazy kind of hair. I guess they like the texture of it but I hate it because any sort of movement or whisper of wind and it turns into:

Walis hair!! My tangled strands look so dry.

The great thing about these conditioners is that their effects last even without daily use. I can go about 2 days without using them and still have my hair look shiny, feel soft, and not be buhaghag. I no longer need to have a hair treatment or blow-dry at the salon for my hair to look presentable. They weren't kidding when they named them Hair HEROES. Huhu I miss them so much.

The Wrap


Keeps my hair nearly frizz-free
Smells excellent
Effects last through the next shampoo


Kind of pricey. With my length of hair, a bottle will last 1-2 months at most. But it's certainly cheaper than salon brands, and with an effect like that, I don't mind!

Snoe Hair Heroes Cleansing Conditioners are available at all Snoe kiosks and boutiques for Php 499.

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