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When I was younger I never thought about life beyond my career, outside the walls of a hospital. I never even thought of going into private practice, so focused was I on inpatient care. Domesticity was not for me. This was of course before I knew what I was getting myself into. And lately, I don't know why, maybe it's seeing my colleagues halfway through their first year of residency in my home country while I'm still taking exams half a world away, maybe it's the warring uncertainty and excitement of being apart from the familiarity of home, maybe it's feeling bogged down by the years of study behind me and decades more ahead, whatever navel-gazing my sugar-addled mind gets up to -- I've been yearning for a simpler kind of life. Cookie-cutter 9-to-5 job, house chores, weekends off. I thought it would be boring but it's refreshing in a bittersweet sort of way. Making your life day by day, small task by small task, with bigger changes like choosing a career and deciding where to live merely punctuating the in betweens.

Today the house is mostly empty and it was a light day at the clinic so I got my slice of that pie. I spent my extra energy being domestically productive.

I always look forward to cleansing at the end of the day. I ran out of my beloved Muji Cleansing Oil and usual Celeteque facial wash so I got this Boscia oil from Sephora and I've been using the Snoe clay mask for a detoxifying second cleanse.

It's a great feeling, washing the day from your skin. Then I heated up some leftovers and had a 6 o'clock dinner with my aunt.

Did the dishes.

Loaded my laundry. (These are just the whites, of course.)

"Made" a mug of hot chocolate. (The Keurig did all the work, really.)

Paired it with Hawaiian bread -- it's like sweet dinner rolls. I could live off this stuff.

And had a very unhealthy snack. Mmmm.

My mind was still racing so I folded laundry while watching season 6 of Supernatural. Probably not the best viewing choice when you're already uneasy, but it brings me back to simpler times.

Well, this post was more for me than anyone else. That's been a recurring theme lately.

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