Rave Review: Remington T-Studio Curling Wand

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I don't want to have my hair cut here because cuts are sooo expensive. So it's grown a bit long and I've been experimenting more with it lately. By "experiment" I mean I changed my shampoo and conditioner and tried one other style. ;p

I've been wanting to curl my hair but can't commit to a perm. While at the mall this Russian dude tried to sell me a $200 flat iron to curl my hair, offering a 56% discount. I scoffed, marched to Target, and finally bought the $30 curling wand I'd been eyeing -- the Remington T-Studio Silk Ceramic Curling Wand with the bigger 1 - 1 1/2" barrel, for looser curls. I was actually looking for the $15 wand by the same brand but it's out of stock pretty much everywhere. And I have absolutely no regrets with this model, from its effects to its ease of use.

The wand heats up to 410 degrees Farenheit and comes with a heat protecting glove (which I never use). The first time I tried it I was like what the hell I keep burning myself, how do those YouTube videos make it look so easy mga leche. But after the second try it really did become easy. I just take a thin piece of hair and curl it around the wand, hold for 10-15 seconds, and gently let go. In between strands I set the wand down upright against a mirror so it doesn't burn any surface. There are several tutorials on YouTube so I won't replicate them here. A word of advice, partitioning hair results in a better finished look.

Phone pictures from the first time I curled my hair. Took me about 20 minutes. I spritzed a teeny bit of the fantastic L'Oreal Elnett hair spray (which I will review later on). It results in really pretty soft curls, which loosened a bit as time went on but held pretty much overnight. And I have stubborn, coarse, frizzy hair!

A more polished curl for a formal event. I always thought curly hair would make my face look rounder, but it's pretty much the same! :) And my head feels lighter, haha. The biggest plus is, the curls make my frizzzzz look less messy! I may well get a digiperm soon after this. ♥

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