Bath Favorites: Yves Rocher Éclat Radiance Rinsing Vinegar

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I am forever trying to get control of my hair. Daily hair-washing removes hair's natural oils and by itself is enough to put a strain on my mane. And you know how fond we are of taking baths. Way too easy to get sticky and sweaty in our weather! It's actually a requirement in some residencies that you bathe before morning rounds, lol.

So my hair, it won't submit to just any conditioner. It has to be the aggressively anti-frizz kind, which works partly by weighing your hair down. In times of high humidity, this sucks. So when I need a little bounce in my step I break out Yves Rocher Éclat Radiance Rinsing Vinegar.

Vinegar is used on hair as a clarifying rinse to remove product buildup. The acid is supposed to balances hair's pH, and the vinegar itself smooths the cuticles that have been damaged by frequent hair-washing.

Annoyingly, this rinse doesn't come with a whole lot of instructions. I'd never used vinegar on my hair, so I was like, How do I use it? Like water? Is it good for just one rinse? What's with the tiny opening then?

Turns out, this tiny opening is perfect. After shampooing and conditioning, I sprinkle a bit of the raspberry vinegar all over my head and run it down my hair. About 10 shakes for my current hair length. Just enough to feel the strands become smooth. If you have a spray bottle that would work as well. It smells like CANDY. After 3-5 minutes, a good rinse with cold water washes the vinegar away in tiny bubbles.  I actually use this sporadically, although a weekly rinse is advisable.
So okay, these pictures are meh, they don't convey how wonderful your head feels after the rinse. Hair dries more quickly, has a healthy sheen, and is SUPER soft, without feeling laden and greasy. My head just feels overall lighter. Flipping my hair has never been more fun.

Total secretary selfies so you can see the entire length of hair. Left: I slept with my hair wet and woke up to this. Right: after a bit of finger brushing. (Pardon the pink face, I was testing a greige BB cream sample that is definitely NOT my shade.) And after the shot, a lot of finger brushing. Seriously, I could not stop running my fingers through my hair. So sooooooft. If you have apple cider vinegar at home it should produce the same results, but you'll have to dilute it and tolerate the smell.

The Wrap


Soft, shiny, silky, bouncy hair
Smells yummy
Fairly economical, one bottle will last 3-5 months with weekly rinses



Yves Rocher Éclat Radiance Rinsing Vinegar retails for Php 350 at Yves Rocher branches.

What are you favorite hair products? I'm such a newbie at this!

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