Brush Love: Japonesque Pro Eye Shadow Crease Brush

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I was at the Carmel Drug Store just browsing when I saw they had a rack of Japonesque makeup brushes. Being Carmel, Carmel-by-the-Sea for that matter, I had a feeling the price was jacked up but something about the Japonesque Pro Eye Shadow Crease Brush called out to me. I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually 75 cents less than at Ulta. It was doubly fortunate that I snatched it up because I didn't encounter another Japonesque brush during the rest of my trip. And honestly, ever since I got it I've been using this every time I do my eyes.

Gently sweep eye shadow into the crease of the eye to define and shape the area. Sweep color from mid crease out and back across the top of the lash line for a classic smoky look. Perfect for blending, swirl the brush in small circular motions at the edge of the shadow or between two colors for a soft, diffused effect.
A natural fiber brush, this is totally soft and tapers at the tip, allowing it several uses beyond defining the crease. I've used it to buff out the color for a smoky eye, to blend a gradient on my lids, and to highlight the inner corner of the eye and the brow ridge. I just brush the pigment off on a tissue before dipping it into another color.

The size is perfect for my eye shape. I use it for both daytime shadow and for a smokier look at night. I've spot-cleaned and washed it somewhat roughly during my travels and experienced shedding of only 1 hair. Love, love, love.

At US $17.95 (~PhP 785) it's somewhat pricey. You may find a cheaper brush with a similar tapered head, but I'm not looking for one as this is already perfect for me. Japonesque Brushes are available locally at Beauty Bar. The travel size of this crease brush retails for PhP 950.

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