Elysium: heavy-handed propaganda in 109 minutes of sci-fi

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Took a trip to Downtown Disney today and watched Elysium in IMAX. IMAX theaters here are so much smaller than the ones in MoA! They're smaller than Trinoma cinemas. And expensive. Probably the reason why they're almost empty.

For those of you not familiar with my movie "reviews" (I use that term loosely) I actually just spout random thoughts that probably only make sense to those who've watched the flick. Spoilers after the jump!

So this film: basically, a bunch of Mexicans are trying to cross the border to a first-world country, ~*Elysium*~. Well, Mexicans plus Matt Damon.

A major motive for wanting Elysium citizenship is healthcare. There are magic machines on Elysium called "med bays," installed in each home. They look like MRI scanners, but can diagnose and heal all injuries and diseases, as long as the patient's brain function is intact. This type of technology isn't available to the poor (as in dukhang mahirap) Earthbound humans.


In short, this is white man's burden meets American propaganda. The good guys want accessible healthcare, the bad guys want to kill/deport illegal immigrants. The only one who can lift the masses from their impoverished and diseased state is Matt Damon, he The White Savior who gives his life for the benefit of the Earthlings.

What I want to know is, why don't the Earth citizens just steal a med bay instead of die trying to get to Elysium? And if this machine heals everything, won't Earth become even MORE overpopulated?

All in all, it was some rough storytelling that was executed fairly well. The effects and gore were entertaining, Matt Damon gave a good performance, but there's a niggling feeling that this was a missed opportunity for something great.

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