Zenutrients Oatmeal & Goat's Milk Intensive Body Scrub: intensively yummy

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This photo looks like food, perhaps some sort of sandwich spread. It's actually a bath product, but it sure smells good enough to eat! As soon as I sniffed the Zenutrients Oatmeal & Goat's Milk Intensive Body Scrub at Sesou I dropped it into my basket.

My skin always feels smooth and somehow refreshed after a gentle scrub. And to be honest, body scrubs smell so damn good, I can't not use them! This 100-gram tub houses natural organic ingredients, so you can't let it stand idle for long. Not that you would want to!

It comes with a protective cap to prevent spillage, which I appreciate. Some may find the tub packaging a turn-off in terms of hygiene, but I find that this is actually the perfect vehicle for body scrubs. With tubes you have to exert a lot more effort to dispense the needed the amount of product. Plus with tubs you can make simot every bit of product before tossing recycling the packaging. I just make sure I have clean fingers before dipping into the tub. Alternatively, you could use a spoon.

How gorgeous is this whorled design. And the seed detail is a nice surprise! One sniff of this brings to mind a creamy vanilla almond dessert, although it certainly doesn't taste like one -- trust me. ;) This scrub is more of a lotion with fine apricot seeds instead of beads, so it's a very gentle exfoliator. Too gentle for my taste actually; it should be perfect for those with more sensitive skin. Skin feels so soft after rinsing, and the delicious scent lingers hours after showering. (If you want to smell yummy all day Zenutrients has a matching body butter, which I didn't pick up because it was a little too cloying for my nose.) At PhP 235 this scrub isn't the cheapest one around, but considering it's organic, made by a small local business, and smells divine, it's worth it.

The Zenutrients Oatmeal & Goat's Milk Intensive Body Scrub retails for  Php 235 / 100 g. Get it at Sesou kiosks and at the Zenutrients website.

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