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I have to give it to Digital Traincase, she's a clear trendsetter in the Philippines. I knew nothing about Lucas' Papaw Ointment before she started carrying it, and suddenly it's all over local blogs and lifestyle publications. Same with Ben Nye powders, OCC Lip Tars, etc. etc. I'd also like to thank Frances for bringing me a tube straight from its home in Australia! Anyway this Papaw thing, what's it for and is it little more than glorified petroleum jelly?

Papaw means papaya, the fermented fruit of which is the product's major ingredient. It also has "pharmaceutical-grade" petroleum jelly, which makes it great for moisturizing and for things like "winter itch," eczema brought caused by dry skin. Lastly, it supposedly has natural antimicrobial properties, so it's marketed as a soothing/healing ointment for burns and open wounds. I wouldn't recommend that last part.

I like that it comes securely sealed (that triangular bit). To open, slot the triangles on the cap and the tube together, twist, and pull. The ointment is quite thick, almost waxy, and not sticky.

So I put it on and it's nothing special. Feels like petroleum jelly or any other lip balm.

But over a few weeks I realize, it's the ONLY THING aside from a teeny tiny tube of Clarins Lip Treatment that's able to keep my lips moisturized and plump. All day. Even overnight.

All other lip balms need constant application hasssssle. Plus this ointment doesn't make the rest of my oral area oily the way stick balms and petroleum jellies do, you know?

Just the Papaw Ointment on my puckers. :* This is a rather big tube for an exclusively lip product so I've also used it as I would petroleum jelly, on dry elbows and knees. I'm not itchy at the moment so I haven't tried it as a soothing ointment but I imagine it would relieve eczema because emollients are the cornerstone of treating eczema and dermatitis.

Lucas Papaw Ointment retails for about AU $5.50. Philippine consumers can order it online from Digital Traincase at Php 450 for a 25-gram tube or Php 990 for a 75-gram tub.

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