Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipsticks by Kate Moss

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Kate Moss has been working with Rimmel London for the past 13 years. In 2011 she created her own lipstick range for the cosmetics giant. The Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipsticks by Kate Moss are meant to have high intensity color that should last for up to 8 hours. I'm no lipstick fiend, preferring a more practical lip-moisturizing approach. But while on the hunt for something matte, these looked really pretty -- and cheap -- in the drugstore. That they've received solid reviews convinced me to get 4 shades. Which is already 4 shades too many because I really don't wear lipstick often. The black tubes have the regular gloss/satin finish; the reds have the matte finish.

The tubes are adorable, simple red on black and vice versa. The little Kate with the heart is a nice touch, as is the embossed logo of the crown jewel. The slanted-tip cap is a great for stereognosis when you're rummaging around your purse for a lip color.

Color 01 is the only satin finish. The mattes don't look totally matte in this swatch, but they look quite matte on the lips -- as if you used an oil pastel. ;)

01 is a true, blue-toned red that brightens the complexion. The face swatch is a more accurate representation of how it looks in real life.

111 is the matte version of 01. I notice that the matte formulas don't transfer as much as the satin ones.

102 is a matte pink on the cool side, almost Barbie pink. On swatching this I thought it would make a pretty everyday color but it's too pale on me and washes me out.

107 is a deep berry red that is just what I was looking for. PERFECT for fall. I actually have a scarf that is almost this exact color, lol. This is my favorite out of the four!

The lipsticks apply very creamily and don't feel dry or heavy at all, even the matte ones. They are amazingly opaque with one swipe. The satin finish smells fruity, sort of like bubblegum, while the mattes smell more waxy. The scent lingers a bit after application, which I don't particularly like but it's not a big deal. I haven't worn them out for 8 hours, but they do last after a meal, with some fading in the middle. As I mentioned, the mattes transfer less than the satins.

Summary swatches below. These are less color-accurate than the full-face swatches, but here you go!

The Wrap


Velvety, lightweight lipsticks with incredible pigmentation.
Lovely packaging.


Scented, don't last 8 hours as advertised.

With a great formula and color payoff, the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipsticks by Kate Moss are an absolute steal at US $4.97 (~ PhP 214) at Walmart and Walgreens. Prices vary in other stores.

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